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Here I tell about my efforts to become a sustainable living being :D


I walk and I have an Electrical car

Food and water

I bye organic and local food as much I can.

Some food articles like raisins come from fare away!

I drink tab water and the house hold is using round 20m3/year. All water goes back into nature true a cesspool.


Most are energy A marked. Appliances is used until they are worn out!


I keep and repair my things instead of buying new!

I don't use motorized tools in my garden (beside garden guy that move the lorn).

I recycle paper, glass, metal and other materials. They are collected bye the commune 5 times a year

Carbon Footprint

I have a solar cell plant that produce round 6600kwh/year, installed 2012!

Heat-pump using round 4500kwh/year covered by solar cells : 0 kg co2/year

Household use 1200kwh/year covered by solar cells: 0 kg co2/year

Electrical car uses round 600kwh/year covered by solar cells: 0 kg co2/year

Production, packaging and transportation (guess): 250 kg co2/year

Around 830 trees that each absorb 12kg co2/year: -9960 kg co2/year

Carbon foot print as fare I know is negative with: -9710 kg co2/year

What else can I do?

- Use water from well to flush toilet
- Grown own vegetables

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Thomas Ring Carlsen